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Frequent asked questions


  • Will add weight to my bicycle?

    - KtraK will add around 2- 3 kilos to the normal weight once original wheels removed.


  • Is difficult to drive?

    -Simple as to go on a bicycle


  • Are tools required to install?

    -No if your bicycle was equipped with fast couplers , if not , a little key will do the job


  • Can I put on my bicycle?

    -You can install it in most of the mountasin bikes on the market , with or without suspension.


  • What kind of brake it uses?

    -KtraK was designed to fit on any brake system , traditional , disc...


  • KtraK can go uphill?

    -If you can climb it in normal conditions , with KtraK you can climb it with snow.


  • What thickness of snow will be the maximum?

    -KtraK will start to loose properties when the snow interferes with the normal peddling movement.


  • How many speeds it has?

    - 6 speed hub incorporated in the space of one of 8 or 9.


  • Can fit in a 29¨ ?

    -There is no specific model for the 29'ers , but if your model is a disc brake unit, you can fit it in.


-KtraK is perfect for the snow , your everyday bike is NOT.

-KtraK is designed for snow ski , will not flost on water.

-KtraK is outdoors and weather resistant.

-KtraK is not flameproof. Also you.



-KtraK recommends a responsable use , respect safety and community regulations.






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